Wheelie Clean UK is a local family run business with nearly 20 years experience. Our current cleaning service is tailor made to suit the modern way of emptying and recycling. Brown, Green and Grey bins are cleaned on a 4 weekly cycle (Manchester) 3 weekly cycle (Oldham,Rochdale) and depending on how much you recycle and how you use your bins our service lets you decide which bins you need cleaning whether it’s 1 or all.

  • All bins are jet washed and disinfected on the day of empty!
  • All waste is removed and disposed of according!
  • All vans & staff are fully insured and licensed correctly!

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    * Rochdale Customers please note your bin colours to clean!

    Wheelie Bin Cleaning

    We provide regular cleaning services for all your bins, using our powerful cleaning systems your bin’s have a great fresh clean looking appearance also we disinfect to prevent germs.

    Driveway Cleaning

    We provide ether one-off cleaning or regular driveway and pathway cleaning, using our powerful industrial jet washing systems. Cleaning has some great results and makes your home or business look great, proven results. Regular cleaning prevents weeds and helps maintain the life of your driveway.