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Here at wheelie clean we offer a regular cleaning service that works around a 3 weekly waste collection.  All chosen bins are cleaned on a 3 weekly cycle on the day of collection every 3 weeks.  Green bins are cleaned on the same day as brown bins then the grey bin the following week.  All bins must be left by the kerbside after collection for cleaning. payments are taken on grey day once all your chosen bins are cleaned within that cycle.  If you’re not in or don’t want to pay at the door you will receive a payment note with details of how to pay.


Bin Cleaning

Bin Cleaning

We have been cleaning Bins for over 25 years and we feel we are the biggest and the best in the country. Our service is second to none and couldn’t be simpler. On arrival at your premises, your chosen Bins are taken from the curbside treated with a mixture of Bleach and Degreaser to break up the dirt and build-up of waste. Once rinsed and disinfected they are then returned to your property. All waste is removed and dealt with properly and kept inside the van for disposal. On completion, you will receive a payment note with different ways to pay including bank details to make transfers. It’s never been easier to have your Bins cleaned no fuss no mess. Before you know it we have Bin and gone.

Any 1 Bin for £4.00

Any 2 Bins for £8.00

3 Bins for £10.00

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